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Hessenflow explained that since millennials tend to live their lives online, an online STD testing service seems natural."What we've done is taken those same tools, and made it very easy for someone to test at home privately, affordably conveniently on their own time," she said.

Customers can order up to 15 different STD tests online and within days a package arrives in the mail.

The plan worked perfectly, and the thief was headed to what he thought was “Jenny’s” apartment on New Year’s night, Nirenberg said. Thief: “Hay that pic u see on my profile it not my.

“A few hours later he was headed to ‘Jenniffer’s’ apartment for a relaxing bottle of wine and a good time,” Nirenberg wrote on his Facebook page. It my friend pic.” “Jenniffer In BK” goes on to suggest a bar near “her” home, or “I guess you could come to my place, though I think the bar might be a better idea.” They eventually agree to meet at “Jenniffer In BK’s” home, and the other person offers to bring some “win” (sic). Jenniffer In BK: Haha who talks on the phone anymore? I’ll make sure I’m around to chat while you’re on the way over. So I’ll be ready for you at 7, can’t wait Thief: So what u going to make for me. Jenniffer In BK: Haha I didn’t know we’d be having dinner. Thief: Will u give me a kiss:) Jenniffer In BK: Well as I said I’ve been lonely and don’t have a bf 😉 So lets have some wine and dinner and see where it takes us (I don’t see why not) The conversation continues until the person with his i Phone says he is outside.

The changes come after complaints that many transgender users were being inappropriately “reported” and subsequently blocked by other users, in addition to the reality that after matching with prospective dates or partners, many transgender users received derogatory or threatening messages through the app.

The changes to the app are personal for Zackary Drucker, a performance artist and associate producer on the popular Amazon series “Transparent.” Drucker used the app in the past and consulted with Tinder while it was looking into how to be more inclusive.“Dating while trans is difficult, and one of the biggest hurdles is disclosing your trans status,” Drucker told CBS News in an email.

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Crucially, these updates also aim to create a safer, more accepting environment for transgender users.

Nirenberg said he now has a girlfriend and no longer uses the profile, but someone else had gained access to it and had begun contacting women.

““He would say, like, ‘Hey you’re lookin’ too good,” but he would do like seven girls in a row within two minutes, so it was just kind of clearly trolling for women to respond,” Nirenberg told CBSNew So Nirenberg claims he came up with the perfect plan to ensnare the thief. Under “the first things people notice about me,” the profile says, “…my butt?

It's now easier to follow a breaking story on your i Phone, or to catch up on the day's events from your i Pad.

The improvements aren't limited to video, either -- there's more in-depth coverage for both major and developing stories, and full-screen photo galleries give you a better sense of what it was like to be there in person.

He says he set up a fake account for a 24-year-old woman named “Jenniffer Rodriguez,” screen name “Jenniffer In BK,” using a Google stock image of a woman showing cleavage on a webcam. I just moved to Brooklyn and I’m looking for a man to show me around town just a bit. ” and for what she spends a lot of time thinking about, she wrote, “restaurants to try, bars to check out, other things I probably shouldn’t write online ;)” Nirenberg said he deliberately answered match questions for “Jenny” to indicate she was interested in casual sex.

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