Define luminescence dating

26-Dec-2017 02:33

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Optical dating is a method of determining how long ago minerals were last exposed to daylight.

It is useful to geologists and archaeologists who want to know when such an event occurred.

In this paper we present a new technique using luminescence field profiling coupled with OSL dating to produce complete (relative) sequences of dates for sedimentary stratigraphies associated with agricultural terraces and earthworks.

The method is demonstrated through a series of case-studies in western Catalonia, Spain, in which we reconstruct the formation sequence of earthwork features from the Middle Ages through to the present day.

The age of the pottery, in principle, may then be determined by the relation Age = Accumulated dose / Dose per year Although conceptually straightforward, TL has proven to to be far from simple in practice.

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The case-studies presented here show that luminescence approaches are a valuable tool to reconstruct landscape histories.

The OSL signal is reset by exposure to sunlight, so the signal is reset to zero while the sand is being transported (such as in a glacial meltwater stream).

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