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30-Oct-2017 14:56

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For two years Laura Babcock was a missing person, until police said she’d been murdered.

With no body and no closure, friends and family are questioning police efforts to look for her in the wake of other murder charges against Dellen Millard.

If you don’t believe your actions hold any consequences for you, then there is no fear of the social ramifications which might normally keep certain behaviours in check.

John Suler called this the “online disinhibition effect”.

Some people get very freaked out by sexual fantasies and worry that having fantasies makes them “bad.” When I was in private practice, I did a lot of sex counseling, and one thing I would ask a couple individually is “what are your sexual fantasies? That’s when people stop playing with each other, stop being each other’s girlfriend or boyfriend, and stop using sexual fantasy.

The people who report the highest sexual satisfaction tend to be those who have fantasies, because they fuel arousal, particularly when things start to get a little “everydayish.” Things are very exciting when they’re new, and when they get to be functional, things lose their appeal.

In Canada, the law says purchasing “sexual services” is a crime, but it stops short of defining “sexual services,” leaving room for interpretation.

“It is possible that sex work could be read expansively to include these new kinds of activities, but it’s still too early to tell,” explains Elin R. Sigurdson of JFK Law Corporation, who specializes in prostitution law.

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This April, after she had been gone without a word for nearly two years, police finally had news.Laura Babcock wails as she smashes the back of her head against a wall outside a downtown department store.Six month’s before Babcock disappeared and more than a year before she would be declared dead, security guards at a Winners near Yonge and College Sts. Police weren’t called, just an ambulance, to make sure Babcock was OK.Babcock was dead, detectives said, and had been all along.

Police refuse to tell her family if they’ve found her body or her remains .Physically she was fine, but mentally she was falling apart.

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