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16-Nov-2017 20:48

As soon as it launched in 2012, Tinder changed the online-dating game.

Long, carefully-composed profiles that took time to read through quickly lost out to photo-focused, mobile-first profiles designed to be swiped through while standing in line at the grocery store."Using the buttons to move the cards felt clunky," says Badeen. Finding and selecting the appropriate button felt deliberate and sluggish, whereas in a real world scenario, the decisions we make are quick, subconscious.""When I stepped out, the room was especially foggy.

We have all been in relationships where we have withheld things from our partners to spare their feelings or to avoid a fight.

That is all fine and dandy until your partner figures out that you were actually out clubbing the previous night and not home asleep like he or she assumed. You defend yourself by saying that this person never asked what you were up to that evening, yet your partner assumes that you would be forthcoming in instances such as these.

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For cases in which you get a game over from creating an unwinnable situation, see Non-Standard Game Over.You do not owe everyone your innermost life story, but if you are withholding relevant information in order to sway a person's judgment in some way, then it appears you are in fact lying to him or her.Does this distinction simply serve as a rationalization for a person to engage in any action he or she feels like taking part in?But these are far more outlandish moves than merely waiting a lengthy period before responding and it's not just teens, the age group that will happily text through mealtimes, who are guilty.

Dating has always been rife with various courtship dances but now text messaging has become a forum for manipulation for all ages, and grown-ups are cottoning on to the fact that texting may be the ideal power-play tool.

The phenomenon was first reported on by The Wall Street Journal, which coined the term "bluffting": a text with a little bluffing.