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calcium carbonate /KAL-see-əm CARB-ə-nate/ A white compound (Ca CO₃) occurring naturally as chalk, limestone, and marble.MORE INFORMATION calcium channel An ion channel governing the passage of calcium ions.Contact us today and find out our next great trips.Australia's leading speed dating service with regular events You will date 10 singles your age in one night over drinks at a stylish inner-city bar.Caenorhabditis elegans /see-no-rab-DĪT-əs EL-ə-gəns/ A nematode much used in biological research, particularly in the field of developmental genetics.Because it is transparent, every cell in its body can be seen. The fate of every cell at every stage of development is known. calcaneus /kal-KANE-ee-əs/ A bone of the tarsus, which in human beings underlies the heel; the heel bone.By scrutinising the scrawls of some of Britain's best ever minds, handwriting experts claim to have found the telltale signs of greatness in someone's writing.You are more likely to be a 'great Briton' if your handwriting slants to the right and you extravagantly cross your 't's, according to an analysis of British historical greats.

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Come along with a single friend or two, or just you!INFERIOR SURFACE | SUPERIOR SURFACE | LATERAL SURFACE | MEDIAL SURFACE calcareous /kal-KARE-ee-əs/ Containing, or composed of, calcium carbonate. calcitonin /KAL-sə-TONE-ən/ A 32-amino acid linear polypeptide hormone.

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